3rd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries


The 3rd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries will take place on September 8 and 9, 2020 as a web conference. The aim of the symposium is to present and discuss the recent state-of-the art and the progress in the field. On the second day scientists will present their results from the largest European project on Mg batteries, the 'E-MAGIC' project (see also http://www.e-magic.eu/).

As always we will welcome some of the world's top Mg battery speakers. The participation is free of charge. You can register separately for both days via the button below. After registration you will receive access information by e-mail.


8 September

Time (CEST) Speaker Title Presentation
1:45 pm Maximilian Fichtner & Christian Punckt (KIT, Germany) Welcome
2:00 pm Brian Ingram (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) Current status in the quest for a high energy dense magnesium battery oxide cathode in the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research
2:30 pm Tetsu Ichitsubo (Tohoku University, Japan) Towards development of rechargeable storage batteries using Mg cations
3:00 pm Zhenyou Li (KIT, Germany) Cathode design for high-energy fast-kinetic Mg storage
3:30 pm Jean-Sebastien Filhol (Université de Montpellier, France) Electrolyte Stability / Reactivity in Mg-Batteries
4:00 pm Break
4:15 pm Justin Connell (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) Anion Effects at Multivalent Anodes: Toward Common Descriptors for Designing New Magnesium Electrolytes
4:45 pm Alexandre Ponrouch (Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona, Spain) On the parameters affecting Ca and Mg plating/ stripping kinetics
5:15 pm Arndt Remhof (EMPA, Switzerland) Hydroborates as solid-state electrolytes for all-solid-state magnesium batteries
5:45 pm Marcel Weil (KIT, Germany) Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Mg-Battery

9 September (E-Magic)

Time (CEST) Speaker Title Presentation
2:00 pm Luis Colmenares & Alberto Blázquez (CIDETEC, Spain) Welcome and guidelines
2:05 pm Alberto Blázquez European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community (E-MAGIC)
2:20 pm Piotr Jankowski (DTU, Denmark) DFT Modelling to Boost Materials Development for Magnesium Batteries
2:45 pm Doron Aurbach (Bar Ilan University, Israel) Anode and Electrolyte Systems – Fundamental understandings and novel findings as basis of further developments
3:10 pm Zhenyou Li (KIT, Germany) Towards high-capacity and long-life Mg-storage cathodes with non-corrosive electrolytes
3:35 pm Eneko Azaceta (CIDETEC, Spain) Stepwise process to manufacture and validate a Mg-battery cell
4:00 pm Break
Young Scientists Section PhD and Postdoc short presentations about their main research topic
4:15 pm Ayan Mukherjee (Bar Ilan University, Israel) Rationally Designed Spherical Vanadium Oxide coated with Vanadium Sulfide as High capacity Cathode Material for Mg-ion Battery
4:35 pm Janina Drews (DLR-CEC, Germany) Continuum modelling of transport and interface phenomena in magnesium electrolytes
4:55 pm Joachim Häcker (DLR-ECE, Germany) Insights into the polysulfide dissolution behavior in glyme-based electrolytes for Mg-S batteries
5:15 pm Smobin Vincent (DTU, Denmark) Computational Design of Magnesium Alloys as Anodes for Magnesium Batteries
5:35 pm Sunita Dey (University of Cambridge, UK) Chemical Magnetisation of V6O13: Synthesis and Characterizations
5:55 pm Closing remarks





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