POLiS awards 7 young researchers

Within the framework of the European Material Research Society E-MRS 2021 FALL MEETING from September 20 to 23, POLiS members Dr. Manuel Baumann and Dr. Marcel Weil organized together with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and the University of Oslo the "Symposium Battery and energy storage devices: from materials to eco-design". The E-MRS 2021 FALL MEETING offered a good opportunity to stimulate the professional exchange on post-lithium technologies due to its international orientation and more than 3,000 participants. During the symposium POLiS awarded two early career researchers for their conference contributions, they will receive funding for a one-month research stay at POLiS or an open access publication. Another five young researchers were honored for their posters and received a non-cash prize.

The award winners in the overview


  • Luca Porcarelli: Versatile task-specific sodium ion gels by fast UV photopolymerization for emerging solid state energy storage applications
  • Marina Navarro-Segarra: A bio-based primary battery with Laser Induced Graphene electrodes on cardboard


  • Anders Brennhagen: Operando XRD studies on Bi2MoO6 as anode material for Na-ion batteries
  • Athanasia Kostopoulou: Metal halide perovskites for low-cost and non flammable Li-air batteries
  • Lucas Tosin Paese: Investigation of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries by thermodynamic modelling
  • Raul Armando Rubio: Electropolymerized porphyrin films as active materials in organic supercapacitors. A study of the effect of different central me
  • Teddy Tite: Synthesis of vanadium oxide/graphene thin films by physical vapor deposition method for high performance batteries
























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