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Award for best conference paper

Dr. Manuel Baumann and Dr. Marcel Weil, postdoctoral researcher at POLiS and employed at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis of KIT, together with colleagues from TU-Berlin…


Maximilian Fichtner speaks at VW Convention

Fichtner was a guest speaker and panel talk expert. In a half-hour discussion, he joined Frank Blome (Volkswagen Group Components) and Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson from Sweden in an online stream.


Janna Hofmann receives Südwestmetall Award

Special honor for Dr.-Ing. Janna Hofmann, senior engineer at the wbk of KIT and Research Unit Spokesperson at POLiS: The 30-year-old is one of nine young scientists who have been awarded the…


POLiS launches its own seminar series

POLiS is establishing its own seminar series, in which a wide variety of post-lithium research topics will be presented on a monthly basis. The first lecture will be given by Dr. Fabian Jeschull on 28…


Batteries of the future: Project on „Circular economy“

How must design processes for new batteries be organized to ensure that all their materials can be reused in a “circular economy”? A new project at ITAS in cooperation with POLIS and CELEST is looking…


Ulm exhibition "AKKU ALLE" ready to start

Future batteries are being researched in Ulm. For the first time, Ulm Battery Research is jointly hosting an exhibition on sustainable energy storage and electromobility for the public in downtown…


7 new research projects

The POLiS board is funding seven projects from its reserves with a total volume of around 1,000,000 euros, which complement the cluster's current research program. Out of 13 applications, those…


Women in Battery Research

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science​, five of our female researchers from different disciplines came together to talk about their experiences during their studies…


Call: Junior Research Group Leader

The POLiS JRGL Preparation Program provides early career researchers with the opportunity to raise funding for and establish a third-party funded junior research group in the Cluster.


Prof. Streb receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Precisely fitting materials could significantly accelerate the development of powerful batteries, high-precision sensors or innovative information technologies. Until now, however, such customized…


Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens receives battery award

Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens has been awarded one of the most prestigious international battery prizes. The International Battery Materials Association (IBA) honored her with the Technology Award…


POLiS honors two female researchers

POLiS is proud to announce for the first time, the awardees for the Equal Opportunity Award of the Cluster. Due to COVID-19 situation, the board of POLiS and a selection committee has selected two…



Exhibition "Akku Alle?! - Electric mobility and energy storage"

Exhibition Akku Alle?!
18 June - 27 September 2020
Münsterplatzes 25

Due to the developing updates and concerns related to the coronavirus, the exhibition was canceled. We are currently planning to host the event in 2021.

The exhibition "Akku Alle?! - Electromobility and Energy Storage" shows the complete spectrum of battery research in Ulm. In addition to a "blackout" simulation for Ulm in 2028, which simulates a six-day power outage in the Danube-Illertal, the exhibition will feature outstanding exhibits from all the scientific institutes involved. This includes DLR's hydrogen aircraft Hy4. What is special about the model aircraft is that the real, fuel cell-powered, four-seater Hy4 passenger aircraft actually flies along the Danube above the rooftops of Ulm during the exhibition.

Short Course and Thin Film Technology Forum 2021


12th Short Course on Coating and Drying of Thin Films and 5th Thin Film Technology Forum will take place from June 21th to June 25th 2021 in Karlsruhe


The Short Course Coating and Drying of Thin Films addresses engineers, scientists and technicians working in the areas of coatings, functional films, direct printing, sensors, adhesives & tapes, battery coating, paints & automotive coatings, medical patches & diagnostics, optical foils, membrane processing, printed electronics, fuel cells and smart coatings, who intend to get insight into more fundamental aspects with industrial applications or to deepen their expertise. Leading national and international scientists and experts from academia and industry will report on topics of coating technologies, rheology, preparation of coating fluids and about fundamentals and industrial aspects of drying technology.
Within the scope of the short course, coating processes and drying technology are explained interactively by easily accessible examples, both in lectures as well as in a practical Workshop instructed by TFT staff members.

5th Thin Film Technology Forum, renowned scientists will present and discuss recent research results and new trends in industry and academia with a focus on Advances in Printing, Batteries, Smart Processes & Coatings

Past Events

Symposium KIT Future Fields - Design for circular economy


Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Kölch, EVA Fahrzeugtechnik

25.02.2021, 15:30 - 17:00

Virtual Event

CV Dr.-Ing.Kölch:

Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Kölch did his doctorate at the Technical University of Munich on exhaust gas scrubbing of diesel engines powered by plant oil. As a post doctorate he studied the durability of PEM fuel cells at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) in Ulm. He has worked at EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH for more than 16 years in various fields such as powertrain pre-development of alternative fuels, hydrogen/electric mobility infrastructure issues, upstream chain considerations, charging issues and the second life of used electric vehicle batteries.

Along with his work at EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, Dr. Kölch is also an associate lecturer at the Ingolstadt Technical University for the subjects “Electric mobility and alternative drive concepts in the automotive industry” and “Political and social trends in the field of mobility.”


3rd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries

Symposium Vortrag
3rd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries
8 and 9 September 2020
Web Conference

The 3rd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries will take place on September 8 and 9, 2020 as a web conference. It is the aim of the symposium to present and discuss the recent state-of-the art and the progress in the field. On the second day the largest European project on Mg batteries, the 'E-MAGIC' project (see also ), will present its results.

StorageX International Symposium - From academic breakthroughs to technological impact


Stanford Energy’s StorageX Initiative brings together Stanford faculty from materials science to computer science to economics to tackle the dominant challenges in energy storage. By addressing gaps between academic and industrial R&D, StorageX aims to accelerate the development and implementation of revolutionary energy storage technologies and concepts.

StorageX International Symposium

This week's StorageX International Symposium will feature Prof. Jürgen Janek of the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, and BELLA, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, speaking on "Solid State Batteries and their Challenges;"
and Prof. Linda Nazar, University of Waterloo, presenting "Design 'Rules' for Solid State Electrolytes in Solid State Batteries."

Friday, June 5, at 4 pm German time.
Registration is free and open to the public.

Battery 2030+ - European Perspectives on Batteries of the Future

Battery 2030+ - European Perspectives on Batteries of the Future

The Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage Ulm-Karlsruhe (CELEST) hosted a web-based scientific conference on May 25-26,  2020 to discuss perspectives for future batteries in Europe. The conference was a display of research performed in Europe in relation to the newly launched BATTERY 2030+ roadmap. Its purpose was to start the scientific discussions within the BATTERY 2030+ community as a foundation for our next phase as a large-scale research initiative.


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