Exhibition "Akku Alle?!

The city of Ulm celebrates the birthday of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger. On 24 June 2020, he would have been 250 years old: an inventor from Ulm who was as brilliant as he was risk-taking. Better known as the "tailor of Ulm", he went down in history with his failed attempt to fly in 1811. The anniversary celebrations under the title "Berblinger 2020" are not only intended to pay tribute to his work, but above all to focus on innovation, inventiveness, courage and an urban society open to change. Between 15 May and the end of July 2020, the city of Ulm invites you to join in the celebrations at numerous events and cultural events. POLiS, together with the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU), is participating in the celebrations with its own exhibition in the rooms of "Münsterplatz 25", a museum wing next to Ulm Minster.

Battery exhibition

The exhibition is entitled "Akku Alle?! - Electromobility and Energy Storage" and shows the complete spectrum of battery research in Ulm. In addition to a "blackout" simulation for Ulm in 2028, which simulates a six-day power outage in the Danube-Illertal, the exhibition will feature outstanding exhibits from all the scientific institutes involved. This includes DLR's hydrogen aircraft Hy4. What is special about the model aircraft is that the real, fuel cell-powered, four-seater Hy4 passenger aircraft actually flies along the Danube above the rooftops of Ulm during the exhibition.
























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