Post-Lithium Research: Women in Focus

Post-lithium research: women in focus

The aim of this international virtual workshop is to highlight the role of women in state-of-the-art Post-Li energy storage research. The workshop will cover various topics from fundamental material and electrolyte research to advanced characterization and applications. Although significant progress in „bridging the gap” can be observed in recent years, female students and researchers in STEM subjects are still underrepresented. This workshop will bring together leading female scientists in Post-Li energy storage. There will be a poster session as well as a poster award. To submit a poster, please register below in the registration form and upload the abstract of your poster.


27th - 28th of July 2021


Online; plenary talks, invited talks and poster session


Montaha Anjass, Sonia Dsoke, Christine Kranz, Ijaz Mohsin


Target group:

This workshop is open to all (students, doctoral researchers and researchers working in academia and industry, who are interested in Post-Li electrochemical energy storage)

Participation fee:

Registration is free of costs


The two best posters will receive an award

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