Call for Proposals 2020

Call for Proposals 2020 POLiS – Board’s Reserve Projects

1 Scope

Projects funded by the POLiS Board’s Reserve should address topics which complement the current research program of the Cluster. Proposals should present novel ideas or concepts currently not or only marginally addressed by research in the Cluster. Successful applicants will become Associate Fellows of the Cluster and will have the opportunity to continue their project within the regular research program of the Cluster after completion and positive evaluation. The call is restricted to post-lithium electrochemical energy storage and excludes topics such as flow-batteries or fuel cells.

2 Who can apply?

Applicants must have completed their PhD / doctorate in a field related to the proposed research project and should be available to carry out the work for the planned duration. Proposals both from within and from outside the Cluster are welcome. Current Members of the Cluster (PIs and Associated Fellows) cannot apply. Primary target group of the call are postdocs and group leaders who would like to start their own project in the Cluster.

3 What kind of projects can be funded?

Projects at different levels can be funded, ranging from short 3-month proof-of-concept studies to a full 3-year PhD project including funding for laboratory supplies and travel. For PhD projects, a PhD supervisor who is a professor at one of the organizations participating in POLiS must be named in the proposal. An application for funding of the applicant’s own position is not possible.

4 Funding and Time Line

Total call budget: 350,000 €
Proposal submission deadline: 2020-01-05, 23:59 h
Evaluation results: 2020-01-31
Earliest possible project start: 2020-02-01

5 Proposal Format, Submission, and Evaluation

Proposals should be formatted according to the proposal template available on the this website and should be submitted by email to the Cluster Manager (christian punckt∂kit edu) by Sunday, January 5th, 2020.
Proposals will be evaluated by the members of the Cluster Board with respect to scientific quality, originality, and capacity to perform the proposed work.

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