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  • The GS-EES addresses the full, community-spanning spectrum of electrochemical energy storage and conversion, from fundamental science to processing and application
  • The GS-EES offers a comprehensive education and training program in these areas, emphasizing interdisciplinary aspects
  • The GS-EES is committed to offer professional skills training


About GS-EES


The GS-EES offers:

  • An interdisciplinary block course Materials, Functioning and Technology of Batteries
  • An annual Summer School
  • Topical block courses and workshops on scientific or method-related topics

The GS-EES addresses the full interdisciplinary spectrum of electrochemical energy storage and conversion, from fundamental science to processing and application.

Research fields are Li-ion batteries, post Li batteries, fuel cells, etc.

The GS-EES operates within the Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage CELEST.

Doctoral researchers doing their research in the framework of POLiS take part in the Graduate School Electrochemical Energy Storage. POLiS funds about 60 Doctoral researchers.






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Open Positions

The Graduate School Electrochemical Energy Storage is located at two main sites, at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and at Ulm University (UUlm). In addition, also the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) at Ulm  und the JLU Giessen participate in the activities.
The applicants are expected to actively participate in the qualification program of the Graduate School; the successful participation will be part of the graduation requirements.
The positions announced here are related to specific projects. These, the scientific background expected for any of them, and the location are given in the project description listed below.


Currently there are no open positions.

We are happy to receive your unsolicited application via email to

Application Contents

Your application should contain a cover letter, CV, certificates of your academic degrees (bachelor, master or diploma), and transcripts of the courses, including marks or grades as well as certificates of your proficiency in English (and German, if applicable).

Application procedure

To apply for open positions please use the individual link to the respective online application form in the project descriptions below.

If none of our current positions fit your profile, we are happy to receive your unsolicited application via our application form:


Education / Training

Qualification program

The qualification Program of the GS-EES is dedicated to

  • assist the doctoral researchers in successfully pursuing their research in the multidisciplinary field of electrochemical energy storage.
  • support the doctoral researchers in building an (international) network and foster collaborations.
  • provide assistance to the doctoral researchers to improve their professional skills for their future career in industry and academia.

The qualification program is based on three columns:

Columns of GS-EES qualification program GS-EES

The Core Program is mandatory for all members of the GS-EES. It includes

  • the Block Course ”Materials, Functioning and Technology of Batteries”, covering the full spectrum of electrochemical energy storage and conversion battery research, from theory to engineering and from fundamentals to applications.
  • the annual Summer School, focusing on the scientific exchange and discussions and elements of professional skills training.
  • the Research Abroad phase, a 3 months research stay at a foreign laboratory, to support international networking and cultural experience.
  • The Scientific Training and the Professional Skills Training can be tailored to the individual needs of each doctoral researcher, aiming at a broad basis in these areas.





Communication (academic writing, presenting, etc.)

Preparing scientific publications: From planning to publishing a research paper (two-day)
Date: 20./21.10.2020, 09:00 - 17:00 h
Place: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Bldg. 50.41, seminar room 145/146 (1st floor)


The PHD as a project: Self- and time management
Date: 05.11.2020, 09:00 - 15:00 h
Place: online
Contact and Registration:

Grundlagen des Projektmanagements für Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen (zweitägig)
Date: 07./08.10.2020, 09:00 - 17:00 h
Place: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Geb. 50.41, Raum 145/146 (1. OG)


Hector School - MBA Fundamentals Program
Participation of one Unit of the MBA Fundamentals Program offered by the Hector School is supported by the GS-EES.
You can chose from 7 different units, each unit is 5 days, 3 CP

Good scientific practice / Research ethics

Good Scientific Practice for Doctoral Researchers
Date: 12.02.2021
Place: online
Registration and Information:

Urheberrecht verstehen – ein Überblick für meine Forschungsarbeit als Nachwuchswissenschaftler*in
Date: 22.10.2020, 10:00 - 11:30 h
Place: online


Introduction to Research Data Management
Date: TBA (1day)
Place: TBA
This workshop is organized by POLiS Research Data Handling Officer Ephraim Schoof.
Due to the significance of Research Data Management in POLiS, participation in this workshop is mandatory for all all doctoral researchers funded by POLiS!


Extra efforts in Reserch Data Management for POLiS can also be rewarded with up to 2 CP. If you are interested, see details and get in touch with Research Data Handling Officer Ephraim Schoof.

Equal opportunities / Diversity / Mentorship

Selbstmanagement jenseits von Geschlechterrollen – mit Achtsamkeit zu einem ausgewogenen Arbeitsalltag


Date: 08.10.2020, 9.00 – 17.00 h
Place: KIT
Registrierung via Email an Ulrike Lossow (


Scientific Training - Lectures

Eligible Lectures KIT


Titel:                  Batteries and Fuel Cells
Semester:           WS 19/20
Dozent:              Weber

Titel:                  Ober- und Grenzflächenprozesse
Semester:           WS 19/20
Dozent:               Maibach

Titel:                  Materialien und Werkstoffe für die Energiewende
Semester:           WS 19/20
Dozent:              Seifert

Titel:                  Festkörper-Spektroskopie und Beugung
Semester:           WS 19/20
Dozent:              Ehrenberg/Indris

Titel:                  Batteries and Fuel Cells
Semester:           WS 19/20
Dozent:              Ehrenberg/Scheiba

Titel:                  Hydrogen as Energy Carrier
Semester:           WS 19/20
Dozent:              Ehrenberg/Léon


Titel:                  Lasergestützte Methoden und deren Einsatz für Energiespeichermaterialien
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Pfleging/Smyrek

Titel:                  Elektrochemie
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:               Passerini/Bresser

Titel:                   Materialien für elektrochemische Speicher und Wandler
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Tübke

Titel:                   Batterie- und Brennstoffzellensysteme
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Weber

Titel:                  Modellbildung elektrochemischer Systeme
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Weber

Eligible Lectures UUlm


ENGH 71940
Titel:                  Energy Science and Technology I
Semester:           WS 2020/21
Dozent:              Kallo


Titel:                  Simulation and Modelling
Semester:           WS 2020/21
Dozent:               Latz


Titel:                  Solid State Chemistry and Applications in Energy Materials (V)
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Fichtner

Titel:                  Interface Chemistry II - Introduction to Electrochemistry (für BachelorChemie)
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:               Jacob / Kibler

ENGH 70389
Titel:                  Einführung in die Energietechnik
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:               Kallo

Titel:                  Theory of electrochemical energy storage
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Horstmann

Titel:                  Surface Analysis
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Behm

Titel:                   Advanced Methods of Quantum Chemistry
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Groß

Titel:                  Scientific, Economical and Ecological Aspects of the Energy Economy
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:               Münch

Titel:                  Hydrogen as Energy Carrier
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              Mohrdieck

Titel:                   Surfaces - Interfaces - Heterogeneous Catalysis – Electrocatalysis
Semester:           SS 2020
Dozent:              NN




Upcomig Events

XPS Workshop


The workshop mainly aims at researchers who (plan to) use XPS service in their studies.

You will learn about the fundamentals, the potential and the restrictions of the method.
The main goal of the workshop is to improve your skills in preparing your XPS measurements and in peak fitting / interpreting the measured spectra.


The workshop will mainly be held online but you will also perform an XPS measurement in groups of two. These measurements can either be done at the IAM-ESS with Vanessa Trouillet for researchers from Karlsruhe or at the HIU with Thomas Diemant for researchers from Ulm. Individual appointments will be made for this with the groups.

Time & Date: Several sessions between 20.10.2020 and 04.11.2020 (see schedule in flyer)
Location: Mostly online, demo sessions (XPS measurements) at HIU or at IAM-ESS

Workshop instructors: Thomas Diemant and Vanessa Trouillet
Registration deadline: 27.09.2020

The number of participants is restricted to 12 in Karlsruhe and 12 in Ulm. First come, first served.

The workshop is open for GS-EES, CELEST and HIU members.
GS-EES members will gain 1 CP within „Scientific Training”

There are no more places at HIU. Due to the huge interest in the XPS workshop we plan to offer another one soon.


Block course "Materials, Functioning and Technology of Batteries" 2020 Part 2

09.11.2020 - 12.11.2020

Part 2 will be held online

The block course is only for POLiS / CELEST affiliates and memebrs of the GS-EES


Workshop "Introduction to Research Data Management"

Date: TBA (1day)
Place: TBA
This workshop is organized by POLiS Research Data Handling Officer Ephraim Schoof.
Due to the significance of Research Data Management in POLiS, participation in this workshop is mandatory for all all doctoral researchers funded by POLiS!

0.5 CPs within "Good scientific practice / Research ethics" will be accounted for the participation.


Past Events

Intercultural Training

Time & Date: 14.09.2020, 10.00 – 18.00 h and 18.09.2020, 10.00 – 18.00 h
Location: Ulm University H21
If the corona crisis inhibits the training to be held in presence, we will offer it as an online event at the same dates.
Workshop instructor: Tanja Böttcher
Registration deadline: 01.09.2020
The workshop is only for members of the GS-EES.


Virtual Summer Symposium


The Virtual Summer Symposium aims at scientific exchange and teambuilding within the GS-EES and POLiS. Interdisciplinary teams will present joint talks on topics related to battery research.


The Virtual Summer Symposium is scheduled to 21.09.2020 - 22.09.2020


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