Matthias May honored with Curious Mind Award

As part of the nomination ceremony of Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci to the Researchers Hall of Fame, Dr. Matthias May, research group leader at Ulm University and POLiS, was honored with a Curious Mind Award by Manager Magazin and Merck. May received the €7,500 prize in the "Materials and Active Substances" category for the fact that his excellent research work is already providing important impetus and potential uses for industry.


May, who holds a doctorate in physics, is developing photoelectric fuel cells that extract hydrogen directly from water through the action of sunlight. The 37-year-old has set several efficiency world records in this technology and holds three patents. He is also developing processes for the climate-neutral conversion of CO2 into useful products.


On October 22, one day after the Hall of Fame of German Research, he presented his work to a broad audience from science, business and politics as part of digital Innovation Talks.

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